Загадки на английском языке о животных

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Увлекательный способ изучения английского — отгадывание загадок про животных! В статье вы найдете загадки про животных, которые не только развлекут вас, но и помогут улучшить навыки английского языка. Эти загадки для детей и взрослых станут отличным способом провести время весело и познавательно, расширить свой словарный запас и разгадать интересные головоломки.

Загадки о животных для детей на английском языке

Загадки о животных в стихах

  1. I am known as a boss
    The jungle’s where I’m the boss
    It’s tough to control me
    And I have a big fluffy hairdo
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2. I wag my tail when I’m glad
And run around, feeling rad
If I am sad or feeling blue
Then you might hear me say «woof» too.

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3. My skin is green and so smooth
I have four legs and webbed toes
I jump on land and swim in the pool
I munch on bugs and small fish that I know.

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4. I am an animal you might love
But I am too huge to be your pet
I have an extremely long trunk
And it is said I never forget.

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5. I’m tall and have a long neck so fine,
With spots on my body, a pattern divine.
I eat leaves up high with my tongue, so long,
Guess who am I, standing tall and strong?

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6. I am a type of animal.
Some say that I have a long face.
I’m very good at running fast.
So, people ride me in a race.

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7. I have horns,
But I do not beep.
I like to bleat,
But I am not a sheep.

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8. In trees I play and leap with glee,
With fluffy tail, you’ll always see.
I gather nuts, so quick and spry,
Guess who am I, up so high?

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Простые загадки о животных 

1. I carry my home with me, whether I’m in the water or on land. What am I?

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2. I am small and furry, and I love to eat carrots. I like to live in holes in the ground. Who am I?

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3. I have a long tail and sharp claws. I like to climb trees and eat bananas. Who am I?

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4. I am a cute animal with black and white stripes. I like to eat bamboo and play in the forest. What am I?

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5. I am a small animal with lots of colorful feathers. I can fly in the sky. Who am I?

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6. I have big paws and a long tail. I like to catch fish in the river. What am I?

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7. I am a bird that can swim, but I cannot fly. Who am I?

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8. I am small, colorful, and can fly. I am very good at making honey. What am I?

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9. I have floppy ears and a wagging tail. I like to play fetch and give lots of kisses. Who am I?

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10. I have bright feathers and can talk. I like to mimic human voices and sing songs. Who am I?

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